fall winter 23

Imagine a large family home...but without parents!
Discover in pictures what a bunch of excited children would imagine...

This collection is intended to be warm and joyful, both in the materials and in the tones. Warm brown with burgundy accents, rust, golden bronze, deep green, almost beige pink, caramel, the shades are resolutely autumnal and comforting.

bunches of grapes, gingham checks

Chaque collection voit naître des imprimés exclusifs qui viendront illustrer le thème de la collection. Cette saison, de grosses grappes de raisins côtoient un imprimé à carreaux Vichy irréguliers couleur bordeaux.

and abstract dots

A third print joins this collection. Graphic and abstract, rust-colored polka dots stretch and deform on a refined ecru background.