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Dress Playa Terry

Dress Playa Terry

Au sommaire du journal

In the journal's contents

I don't know if you have seen it but since April 13 I have started a journal. It's been on my TO DO list for a while but I always had more urgent or necessary things to do than improve our website. Because in the good practices of an eshop it is necessary to keep a blog for SEO and to show Google that we are active and that we publish content regularly. I will not detail this part more because it is quite off-putting!
Anyway, on April 13, here I am in front of my computer saying to myself "what am I writing? where do I start?" I tell myself that it has to be related to the clothes, to ethical production...finally I want to talk about the current collection, the colors. The new Rose jumps out at me and I say to myself "well if I make a pink wishlist?" (deco, food, fashion, place).
At the same time, I was looking for a birthday present for a friend, I had shown her my latest make-up purchases and we had redone my "routine" together one evening at 11 p.m. before going to bed. Anyway, I was looking for a powder (by the way, it's out of stock) to give her, and one thing led to another, my pink wishlist became a beauty wishlist  with my latest favorites that I share with my friends on whatsapp. Some people like this review of new features, but I must point out that others don't care;).
And there you have it, my first article for the Studio Bohème journal was born. Immediately written, immediately published. Very happy to check the "journal" box in my list :)
Except that this article, it happens a bit like a hair in the soup. That's all me: I often do things spontaneously and impulsively. And then I pick up the thread. The thread is therefore this second article that I have titled "to the summary of the journal". It should have been posted first, as an introduction to the Journal.
So what are we going to talk about in this journal?
If you feel like it, I would tell you a lot about behind the scenes of the brand, and more generally about the things in life, futile and less futile! Fashion, decoration, beauty, cooking, travel, books, places, famous people, children... everything that constitutes my daily life and my inspiration for the brand. I undertake to approach the subjects in a sincere and spontaneous manner.
Welcome to the Studio Bohème newspaper, don't hesitate to tell me in the comments what you would like to read here:)
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