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Robe Playa terry coloris parme en éponge de coton biologique

Dress Playa Terry

49€ 29,40€


Our history

“When I was little, I wanted to be a candy seller.”

As a teenager, I wanted to be a hairdresser, a sailing instructor, or a chef. I finally went to business school then the French Fashion Institute. No child dreams of doing marketing, finance or management control, it's so...abstract.

I didn't really like business school, I was bored. Fortunately, then there was the IFM, one of the best years of my life during which the courses, the workshops, but also the meetings were fascinating.

“Everything had to be invented and brought to life”

I then worked for ten years in luxury cosmetics, at Guerlain, Coty and finally Dior. I loved my first professional years because my job was very creative. I developed makeup ranges: textures, colors, fragrances, benefits, packaging, names, storytelling... Everything had to be invented and brought to life within brands with a strong universe and heritage.
My best memories are the meetings called “color creation” and the visits to the factory. Seeing the production of colored powder beads in a kind of mini concrete mixer is magical!

“It’s at birth

from my son, in 2015

that it clicked for me.”

“I discovered with wonder the world of the Child and tiny clothes.”

When my daughter was born in 2011, I discovered children's fashion. At the time, it wasn't as creative as it is today and most brands were either classic and very gendered, or very colorful.
Motherhood and the years have made my tastes and desires evolve, and it was with the birth of my son, in 2015, that it clicked.
I wanted to create. Create independently, and from A to Z.

Studio Bohème was born in 2017.

Studio Bohème

was born in 2017.

“Organic was an indisputable prerequisite for me.”

I grew up in the city, but my mother cooked a lot and she was already "organic" at the time. Very early on I was made aware of the quality of raw materials and to always favor natural and unprocessed products. I would not have launched Studio Bohème if I had not managed to source natural materials from organic farming.

Good clothes.

And beautiful at the same time.

Subtle color palettes and prints that tell a story. Here is what I have been doing for 6 years with passion. My children, nature, Beauty, travel, Parisian life, my friends... everything is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

“In 2021, I decide to partner with my friend Julie”

Because together everything is easier and more enriching, Julie joins me to help the brand grow. Complementary, today we share ambitious projects but not only that....The laughter, the family anecdotes, the hundreds of daily messages and “coffee-croissants” add spice to our daily lives.